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History of Technology – Crash Course technology history

by haisanPHANTHIET

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History of #technology, it is the history of how humans developed various tools and techniques. It is strongly related with history of humanity since humans are invented almost every invention let it be a tool, technology or foundation of some natural resources. .

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History of Technology - Crash Course

History of Technology – Crash Course

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History of Technology – Crash Course
technology history
You can see a lot of useful information here: see more here
You can see a lot of useful information here: see more here

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Isaiah Johnson 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

How did we make God into technology? It's because we got so desperate for God we made another cool clone of him using the planet literally we put anything together till we made a clone of God that's how technology was made.

Şamil Kafa 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

I'm shocked how less is the amount of likes this video got

Unstable0 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

New technology is just old technology combined together
Or else it’s called inventions like invented programming language to code a lot new technology

Potato-CC 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Thanks very much for the well made video. I learned a lot!!!!

CooKie PenCil 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

found it all on wikipedia lmao

gozirraTheLizard 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

The history of technology is the history of the invention of tools and techniques and is one of the categories of world history. Technology can refer to methods ranging from as simple as stone tools to the complex genetic engineering and information technology that has emerged since the 1980s. The term technology comes from the Greek word techne, meaning art and craft, and the word logos, meaning word and speech. It was first used to describe applied arts, but it is now used to described advancements and changes which affect the environment around us.[1]

The wheel, invented sometime before the 4th millennium BC, is one of the most ubiquitous and important technologies. This detail of the "Standard of Ur", c. 2500 BC., displays a Sumerian chariot
New knowledge has enabled people to create new things, and conversely, many scientific endeavors are made possible by technologies which assist humans in traveling to places they could not previously reach, and by scientific instruments by which we study nature in more detail than our natural senses allow.

Since much of technology is applied science, technical history is connected to the history of science. Since technology uses resources, technical history is tightly connected to economic history. From those resources, technology produces other resources, including technological artifacts used in everyday life.

Technological change affects, and is affected by, a society's cultural traditions. It is a force for economic growth and a means to develop and project economic, political, military power and wealth.

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RamSeS Rameez 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

These hole humans are very intelligent that they know how civilization works

RamSeS Rameez 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Technologies were first invented by whom and where …

RamSeS Rameez 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Wonder of the world …

Raviraj Jidge 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Who is narrator

Ahsan Mohammed 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Good info. Thanks.
Feedback. Some simple charts with timelines would have helped a great deal.

cup man 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Im still curious of how technology was made, Like how did they make the Computers.

madison ham 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Can’t wait for my grandkids to watch this one day and laugh at 21st century technology

Meshack Olaka 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

It is a great idea

Swag candy 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

So technology is harnessing outside energy that doesn't come from oneself? Then you forgot to mention the most implemented technology. Manipulating people to do what you want them to .. human labor

Garret 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

I almost didn't recognize Kardashevs name from the way you said it.

Kevin Naderi 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Interesting 😮

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Purple Shrike 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

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Nusrat Parveen 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Oh thanks dear for sharing your beautiful masterpiece my daughter really loved it and understands now

Andrew Kamen 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Great info, just wish the voiceover and soundtrack were better lol

Vinod Kumar 13/12/2021 - 4:01 Sáng

Thank you mam

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